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Our all in one LCD DVR truly realized DIY

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-05-05 20:14:44

We always say that our all in one LCD DVR truly realized DIY because of their simple operation interface. But you know everything should be patient if people never know this product.

Last time, my customer Micheal who is the first time to do business in LCD DVR, we confirmed much information about LCD DVR. Meanwhile he thought the LCD DVR will have a big market in his country through market research.

When he resell the DVR, his customer who knew less about home security ask the questions: how to add email, how to have 4 channel display view? Micheal sent me feedback which from his final customer. Email communication is not effective, for further communication, we add Skype each other and tell him how to operate. The saying: “Talk more, know more.”

For his convenience, I made a PPT to show how to setting email and made a video to him how to add IPC. Finally, we help his customer to solve the problem.

I think it definitely call “communication is the basis of win-win cooperation”

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