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Our distance is country to country, but faith is heart to heart.

Author: Source: Datetime: 2015-10-27 17:36:45

When I do foreign trade, many customers will ask me how I could believe you.

It reminds me of a friend who is from Italy.

One day, I get a inquiry from Alibaba, as usual I sent quotation to him. A day later he adds me on Skype. He is very interested in our newest product, through about maybe 30 Minutes communication, we confirmed some details about the item he need, I thought he is more professional than me. 

Finally we talk about the payment way.

He said to me: “Ella, how I can trust you? You know my testing order actually is not testing order”

Yes, I knew that the order to him is very important, he introduced new LCD dvr to his company, he must let her partner knows that supplier he chose is good not only in quality but also in service, not a liar.

How could I do?

I sent him our company profile, and asked him if he accepts Paypal.

Because the total amount was more than 4000USD, Paypal transferring cost was so high, he decided to make payment by T/T.

When he finished the payment, I began to arrange his order, and sent him updated news in time. Let he knew every step about his order.

After he received the goods, he sent me a sentence: “Ella, let us work together now.”

Maybe everyone will worry about and hesitate about what he does not familiar with, but we do what we should do.

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